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Smart Home

We love testing new home automation systems, getting our hands on the latest smart devices and checking out the hottest IoT services.
This allows us to combine the best of breed technologies to integrate into your home.

We also develop our very own home server software solution to bridge the gap in existing systems. We use it as our playground to test the latest and greatest innovations in home automation.

Our offices are located in the typical belgian province town of Tielt. Feel free to contact us about your plans and see how we can help.

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Our Values



We believe that a direct and open communication determines the success of your project. We provide specific advice and solutions to match your expectations.


Attention To Details

We are dedicated to making every detail look amazing. You can count on the fact that no thing slides and everything will look just right.



We look for the right product for the right task. By combining different systems customizing it to your needs we create unique solutions.

some of our

Favorite Brands

... although we love discovering new products

waarom knx
if these are so great, then why do we develop our own

villaratio Home Server

because we wanted to create something which is


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with anything out there


open to developers
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Oude Kapellestraat 14
8700 Tielt